Music Video Finale

Welcome back to my universe! Today I will be talking about our new and final project of the school year. My team is made up of 4 very talented people. These people are me, Nick, Callum, and Tyler. So our song is called "Breaking Free" from High School Musical. We chose this song because its catchy and we didn't have much time to find a song. And that was the only song we could think of that would work at the moment. Me, Nick, and Tyler thought it would work and would be a good cheesy song to do. But Callum wasn't there to get a say, so I don't know if he would've chose a different song or not.

Our Story Line for our music video is based off doing chores. We didn't want to be cliche so instead of breaking out of school we decided to break out of doing chores and work. It relates to the lyrics because we're explaining the point of breaking free and how we're finishing our chores. We want to show that once finishing chores it can be a relief. In a way…

Movie Trailer Premier

Welcome back to my universe. We are starting a new project already! Its a fictitious movie trailer. You need to make it so that it captivates the audience without giving away the ending. You have to commit to a dramatic voice actor who can vibrantly hint at why your movie is a critically acclaimed “Must See”. You also need to include an original movie poster and provide your audience with the highest level of production value so their eyes & ears stay glued to the screen! There is four people in my project, me, Nick, Tyler, and James. My role as the team leader is to help guide the team and help were my teammates need an extra hand. And I hope you enjoy the rest of this blog post!
There was plenty of challenges and successes during the time period we've worked and talked. I'll start off with the challenges first. One of the challenges we had was that James got sick and he wasn't always available when we wanted to film. Another challenge that we had was that importing di…

Metamorphosis Animation

Hello again and welcome back to Isaiah's Universe. Today I will be telling you about my new metamorphosis animation project. The goal of this project is to create a presentation to pitch my two best metamorphosis animation focus statements & story ideas to the class. Then complete the production plan & storyboard before producing a 1-2 minute animated movie with a custom made soundtrack. The animation type I will be using is stop motion. I hope you enjoy the rest of this blog post.

This is the part of the blog were I tell you about the focus statement, each scene and the plot. The main focus and plot of this animation is about a King who learns how to be less selfish, not judge others, and becomes a better ruler. The scenes are pretty simple. Prince Nevan becomes King at his ceremony. And the crown gets placed on his head, so the common people cheer. After the ceremony a witch walks up to the King and starts to give him a blessing. The King quickly rejects her and immediat…

Geometric Portraits

Hello again and welcome back to Isaiah's Universe. Today I will be talking about my new project about making poly portraits. The first part of this blog post is about facial expressions and are they universal or not. It depends on your opinion but some expressions are universal. Such as happy expressions such as smiles. And sad expressions such as frowns. And just the normal straight face. This what I think about facial expressions. And I hope you enjoy the rest of my blog post.

The next part of this post is about how to make a low poly portrait step by step. The first step is to get your picture which is the easy part. The second step is to split in half and set the background layer to white. The third step is to make the polygons on the face. You want to split it up into sections. And make larger objects polygons bigger than the smaller objects. The fourth step is to make those polygons low resolution. To do this you go to filter and select blur average. And the last step is to …

Verbal Landscapes

Hello again, welcome to Isaiah's Universe. Today I'm going to be talking about how nature impacts me and about my new project. So here is how nature has an impact on my life. One way it impacts me is through getting sun burnt sometimes, "OUCH!" Another way nature impacts me is how it sometimes rains on me when I'm walking somewhere. Those are some of the ways nature impacts me. And I hope you enjoy the rest of this post!

In this part of my blog post I'm going to be talking about time lapses and slow-mo's and how they are made. So let's get started! First I'm going to be talking about time-lapses. A time-lapse is time sped up in video form. So in Final Cut Pro X to make a time-lapse you have to choose the retime tool and click on the speed you want, which would be fast and whatever percentage you want it to be. And for Slow-mo's its time slowed down. So you still want to go to the retime tool although this time you would select slow and yet ag…

Poetic Personal Statement

Welcome everyone to my first blog I hope you enjoy! Have you ever wondered what poetry is? In my opinion I think poetry is a way that people can express their feelings. People are very creative in poems which is why I think that people express their feelings in them. I think poetry is used so that people can be imaginative and creative. So here is my Poetic Statement I hope you like!

Sometimes I sit and wonder and ponder over life I sit and think about what life would be without strife but every now and then I think to my self what would I be... if I just stood up and walked away or if I helped people in a very different way like inspiring people in my work and not through irk

I feel that I'm a very creative person. But sometimes i space out and I lose focus. And people are like "Isaiah, hello are you even listening to me." Anyway, I like helping people with my work because it means a lot to me to inspire people. But what I really want to do is to get 50 subscribers on m…